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SC Johnson Invests Ksh. 1.3 Billion to Boost Malaria Fight in Kenya

SC Johnson Invests Ksh. 1.3 Billion to Boost Malaria Fight in Kenya

In a significant development, SC Johnson, a leading global consumer goods company, has initiated the pilot production of new spatial repellents in Kenya. This innovative solution aims to combat the prevalence of malaria in the country and the broader Great Lakes region. With an initial distribution of one million units, the company foresees this number growing to an impressive 20 million pieces annually.

The spatial repellents, designed to create mosquito-free spaces, promise to be a game-changer in the fight against malaria. They prevent mosquitos from finding a host and have the remarkable ability to repel these disease-carrying insects for an entire year within a household.

To further support the cause, SC Johnson plans to distribute these spatial repellents for free to low-income, malaria-vulnerable communities in Kenya and neighboring regions. The company's investment of Ksh. 1.3 billion towards this project marks a substantial commitment to malaria prevention and the well-being of communities in the area.

In acknowledgment of this significant milestone, the Kenyan Cabinet Secretary, Hon. Moses Kuria, held a meeting with key officials from SC Johnson. Among the notable attendees were Dr. Wamwari Waichungo, Vice President of Global Safety Assessment & Regulatory Affairs; Todd Carlson, the Chairman, and CEO; and the Senior Director of International Tax.

This investment from SC Johnson represents a promising step forward in the fight against malaria, promising to make a positive impact on the lives of millions of people in Kenya and the Great Lakes region.